A cookie is a string of information stored on a visitor’s computer. Some use cookies to help identify and track visitors, which is useful for surveys of website visitor trends. In addition, it is possible that certain features of our website will not function properly without the help of cookies.

IP Address Collection
We do not store IP data about your computer specifically, both when you visit our website, except for security reasons where you are considered to be carrying out some kind of attack technique that is harmful to our website.

Statistics Data Collection
We use “Google Analytics” as a medium for collecting data, the data referred to may be traffic log records, technical data and user behavior on our website.

Links to Third Parties
The third parties referred to here such as Marketplace, Search Engine, Forums, Social Media, Courier Delivery Websites, etc.
Sometimes we provide links to third parties, or you as the owner of an online store may include links or scripts from these third parties.
These third parties are companies that are independent and separate outside of us, and that have their own systems, databases and privacy policies, and therefore we do not have any responsibility or liability for content, accuracy, activities, errors, security or anything related to third parties beyond our capabilities and knowledge. However, we always try to maintain the integrity of our website, therefore we will receive every feedback regarding that third-party website as valuable input from you.

Limitation of Liability
All contents of the Client / Customer Website such as e-mail content, website content, as well as image scripts and logos posted on the client / customer website, are outside’s responsibility. has no obligation whatsoever for claims arising from third parties in any form whatsoever due to the contents of the e-mail, the contents of the client / customer website (including scripts, logos / images).

Contact us
If you have questions, suggestions and feedback regarding this privacy policy, please contact us.

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